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Ascot Residence

Ascot Residence

Project Description

This architectural project exemplifies the art of a seamless extension while preserving the intrinsic character of the residence. A philosophy rooted in the preservation of the original structure, the project aimed to rectify previous subpar extensions, paving the way for a contemporary living arrangement.

The design tailored for modern living consists of expansive openings fostering a seamless indoor-outdoor connection, a nod to our tropical climate. The existing pool remained a focal point, with the lower floor meticulously crafted to enhance connectivity and facilitate optimal entertainment spaces. Throughout, the original portion of the dwelling served as the guiding muse, informing every detail and culminating in the creation of a truly holistic home.

Project Team

Engineers: Westera Partners

Interior Design: Claire Stevens Interior Design

Cabinetry: Wyer + Craw

Builder: Taranaway

Photography: Cam Murchison Photography