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Spicers Hidden Vale

Spicers Hidden Vale

Project Description

Born from the ashes of a 2018 fire that engulfed the century-old homestead, our renewed architecture seamlessly marries nostalgic charm with modern functionality.

The homestead’s restaurant Homage, set amid scenic landscapes, maintains a strong connection to its market garden, local growers, and traditional cooking. Hence, to strengthen this bond, the reimagined spaces seamlessly extend through spacious rooms into verandahs, ensuring that private boardrooms consistently maintain a link to the outdoor surroundings.

To craft a comfortable retreat for weekend guests, providing a home-like ambiance away, the lounge spaces are adorned with floor-to ceiling fireplaces, natural light and a warmth of materiality. This holistic re-imagination seamlessly intertwines the spirit of the old with the vibrancy of the new, crafting a timeless atmosphere that feels both familiar and innovative.

Project Team

Engineers: Westera Partners

Interior Design: Melinda Taylor with Spicer’s Interiors Design Team

Builder: Taranaway

Photography: Cam Murchison Photography