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Paddington No.1 Residence

Paddington No.1 Residence

Project Description

This traditional home is surrounded by street frontage and parkland. As a result, we were able to create a transparent design that allowed for elevated views of both city and park throughout the interior.

The building form presents as an ordered period construction to the street. Given the one way approach to the site, garage access was located in a way that allowed for the traditional exterior to be fully viewable upon arrival. The acute angle of the panoramic city view influenced the layout to the rear, and with the provision of large stackable doors we were able to blur the threshold between interior and exterior.

Private areas for parents and children were created with a communal family space designed for day to day living. This home celebrates traditional styles of design through its intricate details and characteristics throughout.

Project Team

Engineers: Westera Partners

Interior Design: By Burke Design

Builder: I Build Constructions  

Photography: Caitlin Roselt Photography